Windows Server 2019 Standard Edition 24 Core | Server License Key ESD + 10 RDS CALS (MPN: P73-07788) | Australian Stock

  • We are an Authorized Microsoft Software Reseller, and we guarantee that all our products are 100% Genuine.
  • Full version of Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Standard.
  • One-time purchase for 2CPU or 2VM.
  • Lifetime valid activation key code.
  • Remote Desktop Services (RDS) 10 CALs Included.
  • Instant Email Delivery, 24/7.
  • Manufacturer Part Number: P73-07788
  • Hybrid capabilities with Azure.
  • Advanced multi-layer security.
  • Designed for businesses with more than 25 users and 50 devices.
  • Faster innovation for applications.
  • Improved tools for hybrid-server management.
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Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Standard Edition 24 Core | Server License Key ESD + 10 RDS CALS (MPN: P73-07788) | Australian Stock

We are an Authorized Microsoft Software Reseller, and we guarantee that all our products are 100% Genuine.

Buy Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Standard 24 Core digital license activation key for the best price at INFINITE-ITECH.

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Product Details

  • Brand: Microsoft
  • Platform: Windows Server 2019 Standard
  • Manufacturer Part Number: P73-07788
  • Format: OLP ESD Digital License
  • Compatibility: 64Bit
  • Language: English, Multilingual

After a successful purchase, you will instantly receive an email that includes:

  • 1 x Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Standard 64-Bit DSP 24 Core License - Genuine lifetime valid activation Key Code.
  • 1 x Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Standard 24 Core - Full version download link.
  • 1 x Client Access Licenses 10 CALs Included.
  • Step-by-Step installation instructions to activate your Product.

System Requirements 

  • Processor: 1GHz or faster processor
  • Memory: 2GB RAM for 64bit
  • Hard disk: Up to 20GB hard disk space
  • Graphics: 800 × 600 screen resolution
  • Internet connectivity: Internet access

          Description & Features

          Looking for a server to help you manage and configure your network? Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Standard is the suitable solution for you. Windows Server 2019 Standard is similar to conventional Windows versions, however, it includes special features for network management and configuration, and it is connected to the Internet 24 hours a day with high-speed Internet access to manage a local network consisting of a large number of devices, such as corporate networks. To better understand how this Server operates to answer to all of your needs, below is a short rundown of its key features.

          Designed for business with more than 25 users and 50 devices

          After downloading Server 2019 Standard, Windows programs or desktop programs can also be fully shared between users. The new memory management features are also very interesting. Storage migration services are primarily used to convert legacy file servers to version 2019 while retaining data, access rights, and settings.

          Easily extend your data centre to the cloud

          The transfer of storage transfers the identity of the old server to a new server so that the device can be deleted from the network. Pre-installed platforms are also useful in Windows Server Standard 2019. They make it possible to meet the needs in terms of account and memory while being easy to implement and develop.

          Help prevent host intrusion with Windows Defender Exploit Guard

          Windows Server Standard 2019 helps developers update existing applications when using container technologies. This feature can reduce images to a third of their current size. It also reduces download time by 72%. 

          Remote Desktop Services (RDS) Windows Server 2022 - User CALs

          You can connect to your server remotely from any device running a Remote Desktop Connection client application. Once connected and authorized to RD Session Host, you can remotely connect to a virtual desktop and access the company's files, systems, and applications.

          Limit administrator privileges with Just-In-Time and Just Enough Administration

          Browse thousands of free and paid apps, books and games from various categories. Learn, play, and be more productive! Reviews and ratings for each app are available to help you choose what best fits your needs.

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